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Aussie innovation leading the way

Delivering Outstanding Results

In Waste Water Management

Award Winning Company achieving
both Local and International Recognition

From its initial installation in a Queensland dental lab, the Australian-designed and internationally patented Smart Sinks filtration system continues to go from strength to strength – delivering outstanding results for an ever-increasing number of laboratories, clinics and work sites around the country.

Specifically designed to provide an affordable, easy-to-use and highly-effective method of preventing plaster, sediment, and concrete residues washing down the sink, this Aussie innovation is garnering extraordinary interest from dental laboratories, podiatrists, hospitals and medical centres, as well as building sites and specialist manufacturers who are looking to overcome issues with residues.

It’s an extremely common problem and one which became the primary catalyst for the development of the Patented Smart Sinks technology.

“The original idea came to me when completing a commercial fit-out in a dental laboratory. We immediately recognised the problems caused by plaster residues being washed down the sink, including the odours and, or course, the blockages. After speaking to dentists and laboratory owners, we realised how wide-spread the issue was and how often they have to have a plumber come and clear the drains and just how much this was costing – even in facilities fitted with traditional plaster traps.”

Craig Hanson,

Smart Sinks Inventor


Gympie Chambers of Commerce

Small Business of the Year

Build Construction and Engineering Awards

Most Eco-Friendly Tool Washing System 2020

100 Faces of Small Business


Gympie Chamber of Commerce Awards

Business Innovation Runner Up 2019

Gympie Chamber of Commerce Awards

Business Innovation of the Year

Leslie and Craig Hanson  |  07 5488 4154   |  info@smartsinks.com.au   |   Facebook @smartsinks

Leslie and Craig Hanson

07 5488 4154


Facebook @smartsinks