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Waste Water Filtration & Recycling Systems

Filter and recycle waste water onsite


100% Australia Owned Company


Australian Designed and Manufactured

Mobile Tool Washing Station

Water treatment & filtration solutions

Smart Sinks wastewater filtration and recycling systems have been specifically designed to provide an affordable, easy-to-use and highly-effective method of removing particles and sediment from waste water, reducing the environmental impact and ongoing maintenance costs for commercial and trade industries.

Smart Sinks’ patented systems use a series of interlocking independent collection units, joined by a valve system to collect particles, plaster and sediment from wastewater.

See how the system works.

Save Money

You can save money by significantly reducing the time spent traveling between the job face and the tool washing facilities.

Save Water

By using clean recycled water, Smart Sinks can hep you save thousands of litres of water each week – even on relatively small jobs.

Save Time

The fully contained mobile design delivers clean recycled water for tool washing and washout right at the job face.

100% Mobile Wash Station

Convenient portable design with foldable trays for easy transport around the job site and washing of tools of all sizes – great for cleaning up after plastering, concreting, tiling, etc.

Clean Recycled Water

5-stage filtration technology filters the washout water down to 1 micron, resulting in clean filtered water allowing you to reuse water and dispose of wastewater right into the drain.

Environmentally Responsible

Smart Sinks help you comply with EPA, State and Local Government environmental controls By keeping plaster sediment and suspended solids out of drains, trade waste, and gutters.

No Water Source Required

Holds 60 litres onboard water storage and pump.  Filtered wastewater is recycled and can be reused for up to a week, enabling you to bring the washout facilities to the work area.

Safe and Easy Disposal of Solids

Sediment is collected in disposable filter bags that can be safely disposed of in the site’s normal waste bin.

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Easy To Use

Ergonomically designed to suit a variety of work environments and uses including dental labs, body shops, art studios, nursery, field work and building sites, Smart Sinks are easy to use and maintain.

Filtered water is clean and clear

Sediment and particle waste are collected from wash up water via 3 disposable bags, eliminating drainage system blockages and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Approved Pre-Treatment System

Smart Sinks are approved as a pre-treatment filtration system by Trade Waste – Qld Urban Utilities, Sydney Water, SA Water and WA Water Corporation.

Mobile and Fixed Options

Smart Sinks are available in two models – a portable tool washing station with built in water recycling and onboard water storage and the bench mounted system.

What our customers are saying…

It’s clean, simple and looks fantastic. You saw our old washout bin, it was disgusting and needed washing out constantly.

The Smart Sinks system is easy to change the filter bags and hose down at the end of the day. A great bit of kit.”

“We love it. We just move it to where the setters need it, making the job faster and more clean. Especially during this time for Corona Virus, it minimises the amount of movement on site.

Steve Murphy


The Smart Sinks unit is ideal – especially during the time with Coronavirus, It helps us to minimise the amount of movement around the site.

Smart Sinks have saved us a fortune in wasted downtime. With the washout facilities right there at the job face, the crews don’t have to keep travelling to the basement to clean up the tools.

Smart Sinks have worked beyond our expectations, it’s easy to use and very efficient.

QLD Dental Lab

Leslie and Craig Hanson  |  07 5488 4154   |  info@smartsinks.com.au   |   Facebook @smartsinks

Leslie and Craig Hanson

07 5488 4154


Facebook @smartsinks