Smart Sinks Filtration Bin

Smart Sinks Filtration Bin

Smart Sinks filtration bin The Smart Sinks Filtration Bin is portable and water wise as it holds 75+ litres of water that is used over and over.  It is environmental friendly, cost effective system that will save expensive costly maintenance and ensure your business is compliant with environmental regulations.  Smart Sinks Filtration Bin is for people who need to collect solid waste from waste water before it enters the drainage system.

It is for people who wash up tools after plastering, concreting, tiling quicker, cleaner work site and for people who work in Dental/Medical labs, Art Studios/collages.

The Smart Sinks filtration system will save work site pipes and your pipes from blocking, will save on expensive call out maintenance by the use of a 3 disposable bag collection/filtration system and costs less than 2 barista coffees a day to run.

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