Smart Sink

Smart Sink

Smart Sink is a Stainless steel bench mounted filter system with a valve for the collection of particle, plaster and sediment that is collected via disposable bags that are lifted out and placed in the bin, saving the environment from unwanted waste going into the system.  This system can also be mobile and customised to suit industrial requirements.

Invented by Craig Hanson, the Smart Sink resolves previous issues associated with under bench plaster traps, which were difficult and messy to clean, often resulting in leaks, waste being let into the waterways and workplace injuries. Smart Sinks are ideal for use in many and varied industries including Dental, Medical, Automotive, Hospitality and any industry that must filter the solids before the waste water enters the drainage system.

It is advised depending on use that bags are changed every 2 weeks.

Smart Sink is a certified Australian Made product and has been granted an AU patent and is pending patent applications.

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