Smart Rings

Smart Rings

Smart RingsStainless Steel

Smart Rings are designed to be installed in bench tops and cupboard doors allowing for the storage of bins and other items out of sight, whilst allowing convenient access, via a hole in the cabinetry.

The developer of the Smart Rings, Craig Hanson has had 45 years experience in the cabinet making industry and developed the Smart Rings to fulfil the needs of his customers who wanted the convenience of features traditionally associated with industrial stainless steel work benches without the hefty price tag.

Smart Rings are stylish, affordable and simple to install, with applications for the home and work environment.

The Australian made stainless steel Smart Rings are available in two convenient sizes. The large Smart Ring (125mm) is most commonly used for waste disposal holes in bench tops or cupboard doors with bins placed under or behind hole.

The smaller rings(85mm) are great for a peep hole in cupboard doors for dispensing items which are used with high frequency such as tissues, gloves and masks. The small Smart Ring has been packaged together with a stainless steel bracket to form the Smart Box Holder set.

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