.Smart Sinks Filtration Bin: Clean Concrete Truck Chute & Tools

Location: Lavarack Road Nobby Beach – Queensland

Project: Concrete to foot path area of shopping precinct.

Date:  27-04-2016


  • Disposal of waste water from wash out of Concrete Truck
  • Cleaning of tools from Concreting (including hands, Screeds and trowels)

Problem:  Disposing of sediment from concrete truck and wasting water.   Environmentally responsiblity by way of good example. The City of Gold Coast Council is trialling Smart Sinks Filtration Bin. The Smart Sinks Filtration Bin removes the solids from waste whilst recycling the water.

Solution:  Smart Sinks Filtration Bin’s has on-board water (75 litres). The water supply was used to clean the concrete truck chute and tools of the concreters. The portable bin removes the solids and cleans the water via the 5 stage filtration system. An amazing 92% of sediment waste collected during stage one then the disposable bag at is placed into the skip bin. The water is then recycled and reused throughout the cleaning process which took approximately 1.5 hours.

Outcome: City of Gold Coast Council delighted with the outcome of the trial as the Smart Sinks Filtration Bin kept 7.6 kilograms of solids via disposable bags from entering the drainage system and ultimately the natural environment with the added bonus that they saved so much water from being wasted. Throughout the trial approx 50 litres of water from the truck was added to the filtration bin, which was combined with the on-board stored water. The water was reused repeatedly – saving a significant amount of water to be recycled.

The trial presented one issue that being the water pressure of wash down hose, which has now been resolved by use of small high pressure system that connects to back of Smart Sinks Filtration Bin.  The end result was Smart Sinks returned the 75 litres it started with, plus 50 litres from the truck cleaned of solid matter and ready to use again as recycled water for another job.

Watch the Smart Sinks Filtration Bin in action via the video below it was filmed during the trial.

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